Best Radar Detector HUB

Best Radar Detector HUB

The Whistler XTR-140 is an entry-level radar detector ( that truly performs fairly well. This apparatus is really on the low end in regards to features and cost, but it has enough efficiency to assist a speeder that is occasional avoid some citations.

It does not have very many features, it does not have a display that is very fine, and the warning sounds leave a lot to be desired, but this apparatus does detect radar and laser pretty well. It costs about 10% of the cost of these models and will supply some protection while this device isn't going to give you miles of warning as the very top of the line models do.

The XTR-140 has an operating instructions, a power cord, and a windshield mount. The windshield mount is truly fairly good as well as the suction cups stick to the window better than some of the radar detectors that are more costly we've analyzed. The power cord is a pretty low quality straight (not coiled) cord, but is long enough and it gets the job done. We definitely wouldn't characterize this unit as beautiful, but it gets the job done.

There are only 3 user selectable features with this unit. It's 3 city modes, a freeway manner, a quiet style, and a VG 2 on/off style. The XTR-140 is not able to recall any settings, therefore each time you change it on it, you'll need to change your settings back. Fortunately the default settings are what we advocate using as we drive, and no settings are normally changed by us.

On the road, we got K - Band detection range with the Whistler XTR and excellent X -140, but we found the Ka band range to be significantly lacking. While we nevertheless were able to slow down in time, we'd some Ka-band meetings which were too near for comfort. If Ka-band is widespread in your are, we recommend choosing a more high-priced detector from Beltronics or Escort to find the best protection.

The alert tones were uncovered by us on this unit rather inferior. While this might not sound like a big deal, if we-don't have to we don't like to take our eyes off the road.

In case you are planning to begin with radar detectors, this is great first unit. It is very affordable, and may be used to have some fun to find out where authorities are hiding, or just to learn how police use radar, what groups are common locally.


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